Future-Ready Talent Management Program

Attract and nurture talent that delivers results.

Tomorrow’s Success Hinges on How You Nurture Talent Today

Talent management is no longer just an HR mandate—it’s a top business priority, say HR leaders surveyed by Korn Ferry. Your ability to build and nurture powerhouse talent is crucial to your organization’s success. Are your skills and insights up to the job?


If you’re looking to boost your proficiency in talent management, then this program is for you. The Future-Ready Talent Management Program is designed to improve your ability to design and implement effective talent strategy.


From acquiring talent to developing future leaders, this program equips you with the frameworks and skills needed to bring out the best in your people. Get ready to win the war for talent.

Program Journey

What makes this program unique

Korn Ferry Academy’s program journeys are designed to build a strong foundation of industry-relevant knowledge with maximum impact.

By enrolling in our Future-Ready Talent Management Program, you’ll gain access to a curriculum backed by decades of research and experience in partnering with businesses. You’ll also glean insights from the proprietary Korn Ferry Talent Assessment, as well as our personalized Coaching support.

The Korn Ferry Talent Assessment is a powerful tool that unlocks your current capability and future potential. It helps you dig deep into the skills, behaviors and mindsets you need to achieve your goal.


The result is a detailed analysis of your strengths, opportunities, and talent gaps. You’ll gain a clear picture of what stands between your present self and your vision for the future. With this knowledge, you will create a blueprint for success—one that’s tailored for you.


How it works


You’ll receive a Korn Ferry Talent Assessment link prior to program commencement. You are expected to complete this online, self-paced assessment within the time specified. Upon completion of the assessment, you’ll receive a personalized development feedback report to help you identify your learning goals and priorities as you go through the Future-Ready Talent Management Program in earnest.


A group debrief will be conducted online to help you interpret and understand the report and prioritize your growth areas to build a professional brand that accurately reflects your unique qualities and strengths.

Korn Ferry Academy’s Future-Ready Talent Management Program features curated courses that enable talent managers to become strategic partners in business transformation.

Accelerating Business Strategy through Talent Management– Hire the right people and build processes that bring out their best work. Explore talent management strategies that pave the way for business growth and success.

Identifying & Developing Future Leaders from Within– Learn how to identify high-potential employees who can lead your organization in the future and create an environment that supports their growth.

Retaining Top Talent and Future Leaders– Discover how to create incentives, processes and a corporate culture that will help you engage and keep your top talent.

Succession Planning for Future-Ready Organisations– Future-proof your company – learn to identify and develop talent for smooth leadership transitions so you can drive business continuity and growth.

Talent Analytics for Decision Making– Ask the right questions, gather the data that matters, and use them to make strategic HR decisions with real impact.

To successfully complete the program, for every course, you need to:

  • Engage in online pre-readings
  • Attend the in-person instructor-led sessions
  • Attain a passing grade on online assessments
  • Complete course and program evaluations


Read the Terms & Conditions here

Embarking on a journey of transformation is a formidable task, and at Korn Ferry Academy, we understand that navigating through challenges requires more than just knowledge—it demands personalized guidance and strategic insights. That’s why we’ve integrated coaching into our program, recognizing it as one of the most potent tools to help you address your challenges.

Our coaching sessions are strategically placed throughout the program, serving as pivotal moments where you not only absorb valuable insights but also learn how to apply them into your business context and challenges.

Your coaching journey begins and runs concurrently with the program but we understand that your schedule is dynamic, and your time is valuable. That’s why we empower you to take control of your coaching experience. With three one-hour virtual coaching sessions at your disposal, you have the flexibility to schedule them at times that are convenient for you and your coach. This personalized approach ensures that coaching becomes an integral and seamlessly integrated part of your transformative journey.

Fees & Funding

Full Course Fee Without funding S$11,200.00
Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents Course Fee after 70% SSG funding S$3,360.00
Singapore Citizens aged 40 years & above Course Fee after 70% SSG funding and MCES 20% S$1,120.00

All course fees are subject to prevailing Goods & Services Tax (GST). GST will be applied on nett course fees after 70% baseline grant, before any other applicable subsidies.

Cohort Intake

Future-Ready Talent Management Program Accelerating Business Strategy through Talent Management Identifying & Developing Future Leaders from Within Retaining Top Talent and Future Leaders Succession Planning For Future-Ready Organisations Talent Analytics for Decision Making
Q2 Intake 15 & 16 Jul 27 & 28 Jun 21 Aug 3 & 4 Oct 28 & 29 Oct
Q3 Intake 15 & 16 Jul 16 & 17 Sep 18 Oct 29 & 30 Aug 12 & 13 Dec
Future-Ready Talent Management Program Q2 Intake Q3 Intake
Accelerating Business Strategy through Talent Management 15 & 16 Jul 15 & 16 Jul
Identifying & Developing Future Leaders from Within 27 & 28 Jun 16 & 17 Sep
Retaining Top Talent and Future Leaders 21 Aug 18 Oct
Succession Planning For Future-Ready Organisations 3 & 4 Oct 29 & 30 Aug
Talent Analytics for Decision Making 28 & 29 Oct 12 & 13 Dec


Coaching and Developing Talent for Leaders

Be recognized as a mentor in a multi-generational workforce. Master coaching techniques to drive employee engagement, especially among Gen Z and Millennial employees.

Talent Attraction Playbook for the Competitive Edge

Make your brand irresistible to your top talent picks, by deploying the right skills and knowledge to attract the right talent who will drive your organization forward.

Creating an Engaged Workforce

Unleash the power of employee engagement, by implementing strategies that promote inclusivity, psychological safety, and professional growth.

Get future-ready

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