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Accelerating Business Strategy through Talent Management

There’s no room for stagnation in today’s disruptive business environment. Take this course to prepare for a future where your organization provides the world with indispensable value.

Bridging Talent Acquisition and Business Strategy

Gain the skills to navigate post-pandemic talent trends, harness innovative technologies, and craft an authentic employer brand that resonates with top talent.

Building High-Performing Teams

How do you assemble an efficient team that's ahead of the curve? Get a blueprint for enabling your team to grow, excel, and reach for their potential.

Business Partnering and Consulting Skills for HR Professionals

Learn to use data-driven insights and effective communication techniques to influence HR decisions, and gain a more prominent strategic role in your organisation.

Coaching and Developing Talent for Leaders

Be recognized as a mentor in a multi-generational workforce. Master coaching techniques to drive employee engagement, especially among Gen Z and Millennial employees.

Commercial Acumen for Business Success

Ignite purpose and drive systematic progress in your company by helping employees grasp their impact on the bottom line.

Creating an Engaged Workforce

Unleash the power of employee engagement, by implementing strategies that promote inclusivity, psychological safety, and professional growth.

Cultivating Cross-Team Collaboration and Innovation

Develop strategic communication to drive cross-team collaboration. Encourage diverse teams to break out of their silos, share their expertise, and solve problems together.

Delivering Results Through Others

Learn how to encourage your people to take ownership of their work – and build a team that you can trust to do their best work even when no one’s watching.

Design Thinking for HR Professionals

Empathy is not an abstract concept. With design thinking, you can apply empathy through a concrete process that results in innovative, people-first solutions.

Future-Ready Talent Management Program

Attract and nurture talent that delivers results.

Identifying & Developing Future Leaders from Within

Learn how to recognize top talent in your organization – and nurture their potential for critical leadership roles.

Inclusive Leadership for a Diverse and Innovative Workforce

Create a corporate culture where every employee feels valued, respected, and safe to acknowledge different perspectives.

Innovation Leadership: Mastering Amazon’s Working Backwards Methodology

To survive in an unpredictable, constantly evolving business environment, companies must innovate at lightning speed to stay in the game.

Leadership Program for People Managers

Learn the secrets of effective leadership.

Leadership Program on Influencing Without Authority

Flex leadership skills beyond the confines of your position.

Leadership Program to Communicate with Impact

Make your influence felt in the workplace.

Leading and Managing Change

As a leader, how can you get your team on board with new ways of working? Gain and wield the tools you need to guide your team through transformation.

Mastering Business Communication in an Evolving Workplace

Learn what it takes to be a confident communicator: unlock the art of crafting clear, impactful messages that inspire action, not just attention.

Mastering Presentation and Storytelling in Business

Use a broad range of communication techniques to tell your story—effectively, in your own unique voice—and let your insights and experience shine through.

Mastering the Art of Influence for Stakeholder Management

Influence isn’t ingrained—it can be learned. Harness the power of influence to steer decisions, lead change and foster collaboration.

Mastering the Art of Negotiation for Leaders

Foster productive agreement with colleagues, vendors, even competitors – by mastering negotiation and conflict resolution skills. Learn how to defuse conflict and create solutions for win-win outcomes.

Performance Management For The Evolving Workforce

Discover how to make performance management a daily driver of growth: learn new techniques for setting performance goals and fostering healthy feedback cultures.

Personal Branding and Executive Presence for Career Growth

Embark on a personal journey with a course designed to help you craft an authentic personal brand that propels your career forward.

Powering HR Transformation through AI and Tech

Discover how to use sophisticated HR tools and the latest tech to improve HR operations and the employee experience.

Retaining Top Talent and Future Leaders

To retain top talent, HR professionals and business leaders must understand their needs first. Learn how to nurture your best and brightest.

Self-Awareness and Personal Mastery for Peak Performance

Break down your barriers to peak performance, assemble a comprehensive toolkit that minimizes limiting mindsets and enables a more impactful and purpose-driven career.

Strategic Digital Marketing For Employer Branding and Talent Attraction

In the war for talent, your employer brand is more than just your logo; it's the story that defines your organization's identity.

Strategic HR Business Partner Program

Usher in a new era for HR.

Strategic Problem Solving and Paradox Management

Hone your problem-solving acumen, and master the art of navigating the complexities and paradoxes that come with a rising leadership role in your organisation.

Succession Planning for Future-Ready Organisations

Future-proof your company through succession planning. Identify and develop talent for smooth leadership transitions to drive business continuity and growth.

Talent Analytics for Decision Making

How useful is your HR data? Learn how to identify the data that matters, and present insights that inform your business leaders’ strategic decisions.

Talent Assessment and Selection for Effective Hiring

Struggling to find the perfect talent for your company’s mission and culture?

Talent Attraction Playbook for the Competitive Edge

Make your brand irresistible to your top talent picks, by deploying the right skills and knowledge to attract the right talent who will drive your organization forward.

The Empathetic Leader: Balancing Profit, People, Purpose

Discover how empathy can transform workplace dynamics, and supercharge your effectiveness as a leader.

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